Shalom! Are you visiting Hackensack? Welcome! Here are some FAQs that will help you during your visit:

Where can I buy kosher food in Hackensack?

There are many options for kosher food near Hackensack.

Grocery stores:

  • Cedar Market in Teaneck
  • Glatt Express in Teaneck
  • Grand and Essex in Bergenfield
  • Shoprite of Paramus also has a big selection of kosher food.

Please remember to check all labels to ensure the product is actually kosher.

There are also many kosher restaurants nearby Hackensack. We recommend using the RCBC (Va'ad Harabonim of Bergen County) search engine to locate a restaurant near you. Note the Pas Yisroel and Cholov Yisroel filters on top of the page. Click here

Where can I find a synagogue in Hackensack?

Chabad of Hackensack! Currently, we offer morning services (Shachrit) during Shabbat and holidays, at 10am, with Kiddush lunch after services. For more information, call Rabbi Mendy Kaminker at 201-503-3770.

Additionally, there are several Mincha services at different locations around Hackensack. Please contact us for the most recent times and locations.

Many synagogues are located in nearby Teaneck, Bergenfield, and Paramus. Many of them are listed on

Are there any mikvahs in Hackensack?

Not yet! But with Hashem's help, we hope to have one soon. Until then, here is information for mikvahs nearby:

Women's Mikvah:

Men's Mikvah:

Is there an Eruv in Hackensack?

Yes, there is an Eruv in Hackensack. Click here to learn more:

Are there any Jewish community events or programs in Hackensack?

Yes, Chabad of Hackensack hosts many community events and holiday celebrations in Hackensack throughout the year. You can find information about upcoming events by signing up for our newsletter or by calling 201-503-3770.