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Think good,  it will be good! 

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Did you see our billboard on Rt 80? Perhaps you read about this campaign in the news or watched it on TV.  Regardless how you came, we are glad you are here!

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What is the campaign all about? "Every day, we are being bombarded with sad and scary news" said Rabbi Mendy Kaminker, Rabbi of Chabad of Hackensack. ""But the truth is that we have the power of faith. We have the ability to change the world to the better by thinking good". This campaign is aiming to bring the idea "think good, it will be good" to as many people as possible.  

Who said think good it will be good: The “think good and it will be good” saying is a classic Chassidic adage first said by the third Chabad Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch, It was often quoted by the the Rebbe, as a reminder that increasing our faith in G‑d will increase in G‑d's blessings. 

It seems like this message is now more relevant than ever. 

Inspiring hundreds of thousands of people: Through billboard messages, face masks, and social media, we are reaching hundreds of thousands of people with this positive message of empowerment.  

How can you get involved: There are many ways you can get involved and bring this positive message to even more people.

First and foremost: start thinking good! Make sure to integrate in your life positivity and faith. Remind yourself that we are in good hands - in the hands of the one above!  

Use our Facebook frame: add the frame "think good it will be good" to your profile picture, so more people can see it and get inspired!

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For more information or to get involved, please contact us or call 201-503-3770

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 Bergen County Sheriff, Anthony Cureton, with our "think good it will be good" face mask


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