During the Gaza conflict in May 2021, Chabad of Hackensack sent an ice cream truck to kids in Ashkelon, one of the hardest hit cities in Israel under constant rockets attack.

"People often think of the conflict in terms of the armed battle and the damage caused, but forget about the humanity and what it means for an average family in Israel" said Rabbi Kaminker of Chabad of Hackensack. 

"For us, this is our way of being there for those who are often forgotten: the impact this has on children.

"As a child growing up in Israel, I experienced first hand the trauma of waking up in middle of the night, running for safety because of missile attacks. Reading about the rocket attacks in Israel, and seeing pictures of terrified kids running to a bomb shelter in the middle of the night, made me want to do something".

The truck traveled to Ashkelon, Israel, just hours before the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, when traditionally many eat dairy food, including ice cream.

"To me it's much more than ice cream. It's about sending the kids a message: we love you and we care for you" concluded Kaminker.

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